From grading to creative retouching, your images are safe with us.  

So you have some nice images but think they could be better? Or do you have some not so nice images that you need to make the best of? Maybe the image is perfect but the colour is off?

Here’s where we get the colours in your images on point. From cinematic grades to balancing the colours in a group of images to get them feeling like a suite, it’s all about getting the right look for your imagery. And it doesn’t stop there, we can grade your video too! 

You need it cutting out and tidying up and you need it fast. We’ve done plenty of e-commerce, we know the drill. We can get your images clipped, cropped, cleaned up, colour corrected and in to your downloads folder faster than you can say “end of season”!

Technical retouching covers anything from object removal to replacing textures, general colour balancing, to cleaning up blemishes and replacing simple backgrounds.

Comping is the process of taking a number of different images and combining them to create one seamless piece of work. This could fall under technical or creative retouching, depending on the complexity of the job. 

This is where things get interesting. High-end creative retouching involves building up images from tens of captures, drawing missing elements, improvising, manipulating reference images to construct elements – you name it, we’ve done it.

Whatever your imaging needs may be, we have the expertise and the experience to produce beautiful imagery that doesn’t look ‘Photoshopped’. Getting the best out of images is something we love doing, and we are proud to offer these imaging services.

Have a project in mind? Get in touch!

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before image of signing conceptafter image of technical retouching for signing concept

Retouching Projects: